Gcinile Twala Files Case Against Grootman Over Leaked S3x Tape

Gcinile Twala Takes Legal Action Against Ex-Lover Grootman Over Leaked S*x Tape

Gcinile Twala, a popular social media influencer, has taken urgent legal action against her former lover, Themba “Grootman” Selahle, after he allegedly leaked their s*x tape.

Gcinile has secured a temporary court interdict against Grootman, with a court appearance set for July.

The proposed final order seeks to prevent Grootman from posting or sharing any photos or videos of Gcinile, especially those depicting her in a nude state or engaging in sexual activities.

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The court has also ordered Grootman to stop contacting Gcinile in any threatening or intimidating manner and to refrain from making any defamatory remarks about her.

Additionally, Grootman is required to cover the costs of the interdict.

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Women for Change, a non-profit organization, is among those calling for justice for Gcinile.

They urge the public to support her and condemn the act of revenge porn, highlighting the severe violation of privacy and the trauma it causes.

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“We demand justice for Gcinile. Grootman must be arrested and held accountable for his actions. We call on law enforcement, policymakers, and community leaders to take a stand against revenge porn and all forms of gender-based violence,” stated the organization.

The hearing for a permanent court order is scheduled for July.

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